Thursday, September 23, 2010


Very rarely do I crop photos into squares but sometimes it just feels right. I like where the shadow of the bowl fell and how the bottom right of the photo is a pure white that eventually darkens to reveal the photo's edge. It's lit with a single light with an umbrella on it - nothing fancy. This was one of the first few food shoots of mine at the magazine. So what did I learn? Ya gotta work fast with ice cream. Really fast, especially in the middle of summer.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dougherty Ferry Car Fire


First and foremost no one was hurt. The fire took place at the intersection of Dougherty Ferry and Carmen Rd. in Ballwin during evening rush hour on Tuesday, September 14. Traffic was stopped in both directions until members of the West County Fire Department were able to control the flames. The driver, Jay (first name given only), said he smelt oil, heard a bang and then quickly pulled off the road as flames emerged from the front of the car.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Too bad the USB scratch and sniff device hasn't been invented, yet. This chair wasn't the subject of any assignment, it just happened to be there right by the subject. This serves as a self-reminder not to get caught up in the assignment to the point I miss making a (totally unrelated) photograph.

There is nothing significant about the chair. The lines of the plastic, the texture of the leather and the stitching combine with the light (and lack of light) for a simplistic image. Lack of light - I might explore this phrase further.