Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Emphasis In Enology

Starting fall semester 2009, MU students will have the opportunity to earn a food science degree with an emphasis in enology. The program will have a required internship at any one of the numerous Missouri wineries in addition to structured classwork. The class will consist of two essential parts, viticulture and enology. Viticulture is the growing of grapes where as enology is the making of wine from those grapes.

This was the final story I produced for KBIA. I only gathered a bit of ambient audio for this but edited all the audio (of course, the photos are all mine).

You can view the story HERE.

Let me know what you think.

Prison Story

Pardon the lack of updates. To make up for it, HERE is the completed "Life of a Prison, After Prison" story. This was my second to last published story for KBIA.

The Missouri State Penitentiary opened its doors in 1836 and closed in September of 2004. Older and capable of holding more prisoners than Alcatraz, the prison has since been abandoned and only tour groups, rodents and animals walk the grounds.

Here are a few more pictures:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If I could paint..

It would look something like this:

The above was derived from this photo:

Thanks Photoshop filters.

Old Parts, New Life

We all know about recycling soda cans, milk jugs and cardboard, but one company in Columbia, Mo, is extending that idea into the needs of the twenty-first century. At Mid-Mo Recycling, computers, monitors, cell phones, TV's and just about any other electronic devices can be recycled.

Here are a few photos from this multimedia piece I created for KBIA. Take a look-see and maybe you'll learn something new.

On a personal note, I had my wisdom teeth taken out this morning so I've got a nice opportunity to catch up on blogging. Enjoy.