Saturday, September 27, 2008

First up is Jakob (the J is pronounced as a Y) Berr. He hails from Abensberg, Germany, a small city to the north of Munich, and is 27. A traveler of the world, Jakob met his wife, Saba, in Bangladesh on April 19, 2004. His interest in photography is rooted in his deceased father's hobby. Jakob has studied photography for a total of six years and has wound up at the University of Missouri because "I knew a lot about photography but not about journalism." After his time here has finished, he will return to Germany as is part of the student exchange program.

Editor's note: hopefully I will be able to re-shoot Jakob after he returns from MPW. I was not 100% pleased with my results and hope to incorporate what I've learned since then into new portraits. Also, as soon as I post this I am going to get a proper sensor cleaning tool.

Second up is some chick I found on the street... not really though. In what I will call a practice session, my girlfriend Sarah was kind enough to further my learning by posing for some photos.

Constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

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