Friday, August 20, 2010


As most if not all of my family and friends know by now, I landed a full time job that started at the beginning of June. As some may have noticed a slowing in blog posts, that would be the reason why. The job/gig/adventure has the title of staff photographer at St. Louis Magazine. The joy/thrill/euphoria of landing the position still grabs ahold of me, shakes and then pushes me out of a chair, letting me know I'm not in an Inception-like, lucid dream.

So now, I bring you (more) photos. I don't plan on posting things that will be seen in print. That's what the print version is for (and I guess the mag's website). However, there are far more photos made than what's in print. I find many of those photos fun to look over, and so I will share them with you. My hopes are that maybe, just maybe it will be fun for you too. Cheers!

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