Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bordom fosters wacky photos

Two things about this post:
1. For the past couple of days I've decided to shoot only with my 10-22mm lens.
2. For the past couple of days I've spent almost 7 hours a day in a dark room looking at photos. The reason: College Pictures of the Year. It is a contest for college photographers and not only do I have entries, but I am also volunteering my time as a blog/web/audio assistant. To check out what has been going on, who's been winning and other things check it out at CPOY.

This is Matt. He has large eyes.

This is Chris. She is scared of what I do.

This is the Josh, otherwise known as the Hulk (from here on out, that is).

This is Mito after a sneak attack. She considered it very ninja-like.

This is Chelsea. She smiles a lot and likes to photograph head balls at soccer games.

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