Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Joe McNally comes to Campus

Today photographer Joe McNally graced us with his words of wisdom, however depressing some of them may have been. One thing is for sure though, his humor translates far better in person than on his blog. Although his blog (you can find it on the right side column on this page) is still funny, he had everyone in the classroom this morning and the lecture hall tonight bursting with laughter. Good thing too, as some of the life experiences he spoke of were not as glamorous as some would think, even after photographing for National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and Time among many others. Additionally, in the photo world he is known for his ability to imagine and then create amazing images with the help of sophisticated lighting set ups. Here are some snap shots from tonight's lecture:

(Pardon the grain here, but that is at 12800 ISO)


Matthew Cavanah said...

The guy sitting behind Josh is my psych teacher! He's actually going into photo-j grad school next year.

Kevin A. Roberts said...

Really? He is my psych teacher too.