Friday, July 11, 2008

Way back when I was in Fundamentals of Photojournalism (2 months ago), my final project for the class focused on the Mizzou club baseball team. Initially, I had thought this would be a good chance to dive into sports action photos, however, over time I took a different path.

Although the action photo is interesting in and of itself, I found out that trying to tell a story about a team via action photos wasn't going to work. With help of my teacher and TA, I changed my initial idea. This meant setting aside the long lens and breaking out the short ones.

Having been on a handful of baseball teams throughout my life, I told myself it was my duty to convey how it felt to be these guys on this particular team. A few select pictures are below, to view the full project, story and all, go here .

Tony Ounanian watches intently as a University of Kansas pitcher hurls another pitch.

Though not the most exciting task, Adam Doerr takes his turn in recording every action that takes place during the game. From the scorebook, Danny Mehigan then places stat information on the team’s website.

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