Thursday, October 30, 2008

Color Correction Assignment

A little rushed and a lot stressed, these are the results. I turned the first one in as a select, but now I think the Joker would have been the better choice. This assignment required the use of a gelled flash to match the available light.

Nishant Jain and Prakash Jayabalan are two of the masters of cerimonies for India Night. They, as well as two others met in Memorial Union to discuss the script and the program itself. The event will take place Saturday Nov. 1st and features culturaldances, traditional music and skits.


Sitting in the back of the room, Robbie Wood arrived just a bit too late. Had he been at Memorial Union a tad earlier, he would have particpated in the Comedy Wars Halloween costume contest. Wood said that this was a trial run for his costume, whos big night was merely 48 hours away.


And just to make your mouth water a little bit, these are the fluorescent from Hot Box Cookies at 808 B Broadway. Thinking back, I don't know how I walked out of there not having tasted a cookie.

Bruce Levine has only been an employee at Hot Box Cookies for about a week, but that is only because it has only been open for just as long. The cookie shop is owned by three MU juniors, Corey Rimmel, Adam Hendin and David Melnick. Hot Box Cookies employs 26 people and sports a slogan reading "Custom Baked - Delivered Late."

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