Friday, October 31, 2008

The night Obama came to campus

Getting out to make pictures simply to make pictures and have fun was a nice change of pace. About 90% of me went to make pictures, 5% to see a possible future president of the US/world celebrity and 5% to hear him speak (by this time, nothing new is coming out of any candidate's mouth). The crowd has been estimated at 40,000 by the Missourian, and after personally counting everyone I'd say that's accurate enough.

Going into this I knew I was going to be challenged due to size of the crowd, the poor sight lines and that whole height issue. I brought with me my tripod, camera body, flash and following lenses; 10-22, 24-70, 75-300 <-- I'm laughing too. Whatever though, make do with what you have.

It was a fun experience. I was also glad to see so many different types of people coexisting in such tight spaces. I guess that is what happens with a unifying aspect.

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Clare said...

Thanks! I'm a fan of your photo with the large letters--I couldn't get one that I liked of that. Yeah, I'm a night owl so figured I might as well go ahead and post!